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4.Study on CO2 Pipeline Transportation Technology

Zhang Shuanglei, Zhang Jichuan, Chen Feng, Sun Zairong

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9.Study on Coal-based Gas C3/MRC Liquefaction Process Optimization

Zhao Qilong, Pu Liming, Wang Ke, Li Yingke, Huang Yong

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13.Derivation and Application of Trinomial in Low Permeability Horizontal Gas Well Productivity Analysis

Wang Yongsheng, Mei Haiyan, Zhang Maolin, Yang Qianlong, Long Fang

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16.Analysis on Factors Affecting LNG Plant Investment

Wang Yongbo, Zheng Fan, Liu Yichao, Qin Xinchao, Su Xin

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17.Application of PDMS 3D Software in Natural Gas Treatment Plant Design

Song Guanghong, Liu Jiahong, Peng Lei, Dong Jun

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24.Quality Control of Carbon Steel Materials Used in High Sour Gas Development and Treatment

Liu Youchao, Su Wanjun, Mu Jian, Xu Jin, Cheng Bo, Lin Tieshu

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