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2.Determination of Technical Scheme of Internal Inspection in Subsea Pipeline

Xu Hui, Wang Shipeng, Du Juan, Fu Qiang, Sun Huanting

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4.Test Analysis on Scaling Characteristics of FRP Oil Pipeline

Pan Weiqing, Zhong Xinmin, Wu Jin, Wu Yushuang, Li Yiyang, Wang Yongxin, Yao Tuanjun, Chen Difang

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13.Analysis on Finite Element Simulation of Casing Stress under Upper Packer Water Injection Condition

Zhang Guangming, Cao Chang, Wang Jun, Mei Chao, Sun Chao, Luo Junlan

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14.Analysis on Causes of Oil Leakage in Block F and Its Prevention Measures

Han Liang, Mao Xiangtao, Feng Aixia, Zhang Lingshan, Wang Gang, Ren Gaofeng, Liu Yazhou

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20.Study on PDMS Data Conversion and Application

Peng Rui, Peng Xiaokang, Liu Jiahong

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21.Optimization of Wellhead Automatic Safety Control System

Wu Yuncai, He Yinda, Yi Fei, Qiu Zhi, Du Jian, Liu Kewei

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