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1.Analysis on Seismic Resistance of Oil & Gas Pipeline Tunnel in High Intensity Seismic Zone

Fu Kaiwei, Hu Wenjun, Hu Daohua, Chen Hanqing, Yan Peng, Gu yong

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2.Study on Pressure Drop Rate Set Value of Block Valve in Gas Pipeline

Zhang Shuanglei, Chen Feng, Sun Zairong, Li Qiao, Chen Yu

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11.Experimental Research on Minimum Miscible Pressure of Hydrocarbon Gas Flooding in Huabei Low Permeability Reservoir

Huang Wei, Ren Hongmei, Wang Li, Wang Zhe, Wang Ruisi, Shao Minmin, Ma Ying, Ma Quanzheng

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14.Application of Pipeline Sensitivity Pressure Test in Well Site A

Jiang Fang, Shangguan Changhuai, Tang Xiaoyong

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15.Analysis on Cathodic Protection Failure of Gas Gathering Pipeline and Corresponding Solutions

Liu Hailu, Zhang Guohu, Zhang Shengli, Huang Chunrong, Wang Fei

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17.Study on Large LNG Tank Pre-cooling Based on FLUENT

Dong Wenhao, Zheng Jin, Xu Peilin, Guo Haifeng, Ji Xiaxia

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20.Experimental Study on Shengli Oilfield Wastewater Desalting Technology

Wang Yingwei, Gu Meixia, Bian Jiang, Yang Penghui

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