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3.Study on Design Coefficient of Gas Pipeline Based on Reliability

Wang Lihang, Sun Pingping, Wu Zhiyao, Guo Yu, Wang Qiuyan

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7.Study on Dual-Alkali Desulfurzation of Tail Gas Treatment in Natural Gas Processing Plant

Tang Xiaoyong, Luo Dingming, Zhang Yuming , Peng Yun, Li Long, Gan Yongchang

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12.A New Method to Determine Skin Factor of Horizontal Well with Non-Uniform Damage

Yuan Lin, Li Xiaoping, Chen Xi, Zhuang Yuan, Liang Zhonghong

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16.Cathodic Protection for Long Distance Oil & Gas Station

Li Junlong, Xu Xing, Gong Yichao, Jin Liuwei, Pan Yuan

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20.Discussion on the Design of Integrated Production & Maintenance Base of Certain Gas Field

Li Jia, Liao Xin, Wang Huiling, Li Min, He Guohong, Xu Jingyuan

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22.Analysis on Global LNG Market Based on Complex Network

Li Jingyun, Zheng Yuhua, Wang Lianqin

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