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4.Research on the Method of Strength Evaluation of Gas Gathering Pipeline Insulation Joint

Chen Junwen, Zhang Qian, Shen Guiyu, Zeng Yang, Ren Qirui, Chen Qing

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5.Finite Element Analysis of Buried RTP Pipeline Under Digging Force

Chen Mengpeng, Gan Lihua, Tang Jiwei, Liu Chang

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7.Research on the Process of Natural Gas Liquefaction C3/MRC

Wang Hongwei, Long Zengbing, Liu Jiahong, Li Long, Zhang Yi

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13.The Experimental Study on the Flow Fields in the Spindle-Shaped Depressurizing Tools by PIV

Wu Di, Li Yilan, Ban Jiuqing, Zhang Wei, Zhang Weiwen, Yang Xingzhou

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21.Experimental Research on AWJ Cutting Safety Under Flammable Gasoline-Air Mixture

Zhang Tengfei, Deng Songsheng, Lei Chuanchao, Guan Jinfa

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