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4.Research on Operation of Centrifugal Compressors in Choke Conditions

Rainer Kurz, Russell K Marechale, Edward J Fowler, Min Ji, Michael J Cave

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6.Research Advances of Hydrate-Based Technology for Transport of Natural Gas

Wu Chuanzhi, Sun Changqing, Zhao Kebin, Yang Jun, Chen Yinjie

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11.Application and Discussion on SO2 Emission Reduction Technology of Natural Gas Purification Plant

Wang Zhigang, Tao Zhaoyong, Duan Xianyong, Luo Wei, Hu Yong, Jing Wei, Wei Guoyong, Huang Xuefeng

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14.Exploration of Nitrogen Stimulation for Multi-Branched Horizontal Well CBM in Certain Block

Shi Yusheng, Zhang Hongxing, Fang Kedong, Jiang Tao, Yuan Hongchao, Luo Jin

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18.Experimental Study on Long Term Diversion Capability of Complex Fracture of Coal and Rock

Li Yuwei, Jia Dan, Gao Rui, Gao Changlong , Mi Jiehan, Ai Chi

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20.The Impact of Solid State Decoupler on the ACVG Detection Accuracy of Pipeline

Jiang Linlin, Liu Yangyu, Han Wenli, Wang Zhitao, Zhang Yanjun

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21.Study on Sand Erosion Wear of Subsea Pipeline

He Yuantao, Chen Jinghua, Wang Kai

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