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Environmental Impacts in Shale Gas Development
Author of the article:Yan Ke
Author's Workplace:Zhejiang Oilfield, CNPC
Key Words:shale gas development, environmental impact, environmental pollution, management system, pollution control technology
Abstract:Nowadays, shale gas is one of the hottest topics in the world; China is also actively promoting its exploration and development. Meanwhile, environmental protection and public concern requires that shale gas development processes should be given scientific assessment and sound treatments, seasonably and reasonably. By investigating the environmental problems encountered in shale gas development in the United States, this paper discusses the challenges like water usage and treatment, surface and vegetation destruction, methane emission, noise pollution, and so on that the rising Chinese shale gas development is facing. Considering the potential environmental problems, suggestions from the regulations and policies formulation, new technologies for pollution reduction and treatment, are proposed for the healthy future of the booming shale gas development in China.
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