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The Study on the Factors of Shale Reservoir Evaluation
Author of the article:Hu Changpeng, Xu Daxi
Author's Workplace:1. MOE Key Laboratory of Petroleum Engineering in China University of Petroleum, Beijing 102249, China;No.4 Gas Production Plant, Changqing Oilfield Company, CNPC, Wushenqi 017300, Neimenggu, China
Key Words:Shale; evaluation; gas content; adsorption-desorption; optimization
Abstract: In order to analysis the role of the main parameters on shale reservoir evaluation, it is necessary to analyze the mechanism of these parameters. Investigate the research progress at home and abroad, and utilize the five basin shale gas exploration and development as a reference to analyze the content of TOC, gas content, temperature and pressure. Shale gas reservoir evaluation is more complex than conventional reservoirs, a number of evaluation parameters have both positive and negative impact on the reservoir, the strength and weakness of single control factor is not enough to qualitative evaluate the reservoir. Shale reservoirs contain adsorbed gas and free gas, dissolved gas, the effect of adsorption and desorption make the transfusion is different from that of a conventional reservoir. The favorable block optimization of shale reservoir requires comprehensive consideration of a variety of indicators.
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