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Key Words:laminated layers; hydraulic fracturing; fixed-point perforation; high fracture conductivity; field application
Abstract:low permeability laminated layers resource is characterized by poor reservoir properties, thin effective reservoir thickness, and well developed natural fractures; hydraulic fracturing is one of the important ways to develop it. As for the conventional centralized perforation, large displacement may cause serious fracture communication between zones, while small displacement may not be able to break down some layers in the reservoirs, it is impossible to ensure fracturing effect. So it is necessary to analysis fracturing techniques suitable for low permeability laminated layers. In this paper, according to the analysis of fracturing difficulties in low-permeability laminated layers, proposed a new integrated and efficient fracturing technology for thin layers development by using the fixed-point perforation technique and fracturing technology to achieve a comprehensive transformation of thin layers, making a combination of high proppant concentration and different assembling proppants to maintain high fracture conductivity, and combining with the technology of controlling fracture height and fluid loss process in the meantime. This integrated technology has been successfully applied in well LW, with the obvious stimulation effect of 14.3t/d post fracturing oil production, which is much higher than that of the adjacent wells used conventional fracturing with only 6.7t/d.
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