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Key Words:YINGMAILI; gas condensate reservoir; retrograde condensate; reverse-evaporation; numerical simulation
Abstract:In order to enhance gas well productivity and solve the problem of retrograde condensate near the wellbore and reverse-dialysis pollution in Yingmaili. We need to optimize and adjust the existing production system. For this problem, we made a research on gas well productivity sensible factor reservoir property change and the change of pressure near the wellbore under the throughput operations simulation, then make a technical support and decision basis for an efficient development of gas condensate by analyzing and evaluating the feasibility of lightening the reverse-dialysis pollution. The result of the simulation shows that gas injection is an effective way to enhance oil recovery ,and it have a good effect for the stable production of gas wells and retrograde condensate. Maintain near wellbore pressure is always avoid anti-condensate phenomenon influencing factors.
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