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The Process Parameter Optimization and Adaptive Research of Selexol decarburization
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Key Words:natural gas of high content of carbon, Selexol, decarburization, optimization, applicability
Abstract: In view of special gas reservoirs of high carbon and micro containing of H2S, Selexol decarburization process has been subjected to more and more attention and research for its green solvent and less corrosive. The absorber control parameters of Selexol process as well as the flash regeneration conditions were optimized by the HYSYS 2006 software, thus further reflected the adaptability of Selexol process. The results show that the absorption tower operating conditions is that temperature of feed gas into the tower is -5 to 5 °C , poor liquid injection rate is about 750m3 / h , the lower of injection temperature the better, injection temperature in the actual operation shall not be lower than -18°C.The respectively optimized three pressure are 2400kPa, 500kPa and 50kPa. Selexol process is adequate for the depleted gas decarburization treatment whose content of CO2 is less than 60% and C4 + heavy hydrocarbons is less than 1% (V).
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