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The air separation process by using LNG cold energy and its performance analysis
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Key Words:liquefied natural gas(LNG); cold energy utilization; air separation unit;
Abstract: The high-pressured air was cooled and expanded to supply the cold energy for the air separation in the conventional air separation method, in which large amounts of electricity and water was consumed. If LNG cold energy was used in the air separation unit, energy consumption per kilogram liquid production would be reduced significantly. The rationality of this air separation process was analyzed from the thermodynamic view point.The air separation process by using the high-quality energy held in LNG was improved for recovering the cold energy and reducing unit power consumption. The process arrangement was introduced in detail in this work, followed by its characteristics, such as operating pressure and energy cost. Aspen Plus software was used to simulate and analyze this process and Peng- Robinson equation w as chosen for property method. The results showed that unit power consumption of liquid air separation products was 0.300kW?h?kg-1 by using cryogenic energy of LNG for manufacture of liquid nitrogen and liquid oxygen, compared with the power input of 1.0kW?h?kg-1 in the conventional air separation unit.
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