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determine of Horizontal Well Location at Su 6 and Su 36-11 block
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Key Words:horizontal well exploitation; sedimentary micro-facies; expanding band of sand body; watercourse route; well location determination
Abstract:Su 6 and Su 36-11 blocks are typical "three-low" gas fields whose watercourses frequently migrate to form some superimposed sand bodies with obvious directivity, as a result that the scales of their gas reservoirs are small, and the expanding band of the sand bodies is limited. It turns out that the reservoirs can be effectively exploited by horizontal well technologies. Therefore, how to determine the horizontal well location is the key of the exploitation. From geologic features of the reservoir, distribution of gas layers, sedimentary facies of well logging and expanding band of the sand bodies and other matters, this article investigates the main target layer, i.e. the sublayer section of He8 for the horizontal wells of the block, and provide the planar graphs of its expanding band and sedimentary micro-facies, and subtly describes the route of its sand bodies. By comparative analysis of the horizontal wells constructed over the years, it is thus clear that the effect of static and dynamic construction is better only while the direction of the horizontal section is kept pace with that of the watercourse. And then the location of the first horizontal well implemented in 2012 is determined, which provides a basis for drafting the overall development plan for the next step of horizontal wells.
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