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Application and Development Status of Double-wall Oil Storage Tank
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Key Words:double-wall oil storage tank, leak detection, development status, application
Abstract:Abstract Due to the corrosion and leak of the traditional buried oil tanks in fuel filling station causing the serious pollution to underground water and soil, the developed countries like Europe and U.S. have already used different types of double-wall oil storage tanks and have laws and regulations for compulsory execution, and have put forward the concrete requirement and set down related standards aiming at the fabric, materials, strength test, annular space leakage test and so on. This paper analyses the theory of the double-wall tank abroad and two different types of leakage test, compares the characteristics of several main double-wall oil storage tanks, analyses the development status of double-wall tanks at home and abroad and the problems that restrict China’s double-wall tank development, puts forward the proposals for the development of the double-wall oil storage tanks in our country.
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