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Effects of ulinastatin on inflammations reaction and postoperative cognition disorders in elderly patients undergoing abdominal surgery
Author of the article:liu zhe
Author's Workplace:GongLi Hospital, Pudong, Shanghai,
Key Words:Postoperative cognitive disfunction; Ulinastain; inflammatory cytokines
Abstract:Objective To investigate the effects of ulinastatin on inflammation reaction and postoperative cognitive disfunction (POCD) in patients undergoing abdominal surgery. Methods 100 patients undergoing abdominal surgery were divided into two groups as follows: Control group (group C, untreated, n = 50) and ulinastain group (group U, 10,000 U/kg of ulinastain were injected intravenously at 30min before operation, n= 50). The levels of plasa Il-6、IL-8、IL-10 were detected before surgery (T1), 6 hour after surgery (T2) and 3 day after surgery(T3). All patients were checked cognitive score with battery of cognitive assessment instruments(BCAI) at 1d preoperation and 7d postoperation. Results The incidence of POCD in Group U (17 patients) was significantly lower than that in Group C (29 patients). The plasma concentrations of IL-6, IL-8, IL-10 of two groups at time point of T2 or T3 were significantly higher than those at T1 point. Compared to Group C, the plasma concentrations of IL-6, IL-8 in Group U were significantly lower and IL-10 in Group U was higher at time point of T2 or T3. The ratio of plasma IL-6/IL-10 of two groups at time point of T2 and T3 were significantly higher than those at T1 point, and Group C was higher than Group U at time point of T2 and T3. Conclusion: Prophylactic of ulinastain in patients undergoing abdominal surgery can decrease the incidence of POCD. The possible mechanism was that ulinastain could modulate the balance of proinflammatory cytokine(IL-6、IL-8) and anti-inflammatory cytokines(IL-10).
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