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Optimizing micro-structure by horizontal wells in less well control area
Author of the article:WANG Hua,LIU Weixin, LU Yan,DAI Jianwen,GU Zhenyu
Author's Workplace:Shenzhen Branch of CNOOC Ltd.
Key Words:low well control area; accuracy of structure; horizontal well; logging response.
Abstract:In order to compensate the defects of low vertical seismic resolution during structure study in low well control area, drilling and logging of horizontal wells are used to optimize structure, which can provide accurate structure data for oil and gas field development and evaluation. Building the relationship between property and distance to top surface according to directional well, and comparatively analyzing logging characteristics of horizontal well, and combining seismic inversion, fine structure is optimized fast and accurately in low well control area to enhance the accuracy of structure. Applying results in the X oilfield indicates that adjusted structure accurately reflects the tendency of horizontal well trajectory to surface, and the errors of latest wells are reduced obviously. This method is very effective for enhancing the accuracy of structure in low well control area. Key words: low well control area; accuracy of structure; horizontal well; logging response.
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