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Analysis on Differences between Confined Space Technical Standards of China and North America
Author of the article:Duan Qiusheng; Meng Hulin; Yang Wei; Qi Wei; Ma Weiping
Author's Workplace:1.Langfang China Petroleum Longway Engineering Project Management Co. Ltd.,; 2.Pipeline Company of PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Company;3.PetroChina West Pipeline Company; 4.Qinhuangdao Sub-Company of PetroChina Pipeline Company;5.PetroChina Pipeline R&D Center
Key Words:Confined space; Standard; Hazard; Inspection; Incident

In allusion to high risk existing in the period of work in confined space, put forward is the idea of using international standards for reference to amend Chinese national standards. Introduced are Canadian and American technical standards on works in confined space and advanced idea of these standards. Their advancement is reflected mainly in typical examples of confined space and their hazard identification factors and element detailing and perfect, rigorous organization structure for works in confined space. Established are the design priority principle of confined space working, strict gas environment concentration inspection, the “Call-Feedback” communication method and the immediate rescue method of life or health. Finally, it is suggested to use international standards for reference to amend relative Chinese national standards.

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