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Successful Application of Light Hydrocarbon Desulfurization by Alkaline Wash in Tahe Oilfield
Author of the article:Zhang Li
Author's Workplace:Sinopec Petroleum Engineering Corporation. Xinjiang Company
Key Words:Light hydrocarbon; Alkaline washing desulfurization; Sulfur content exceeding standard; Process optimization
Abstract:In 2016, the light hydrocarbons sold by Tahe oilfield light hydrocarbon station No.2 have given off peculiar smell. After laboratory analysis, it was found that the total sulfur light hydrocarbon was beyond relevant requirements in Stable Light Hydrocarbon 9053-2013 GB. After analysis, it is considered that the organic sulfur, such as the organic sulfur in the light hydrocarbon, leads to excessive sulfur content. According to the fact that established mixed hydrocarbon alkali washing desulfurization device can better remove the organic sulfur, it was determined to connect the light hydrocarbon with the existing mixed hydrocarbon alkali washing desulfurization device for alkali washing. Reconstruction scheme: one is to reconstruct the inlet tube of existing alkali wash tank and water tank and add distributor; another one is to optimize alkali washing process flow, add one vertical alkali washing tank. After reconstruction was carried out, ethanethiol was removed from light hydrocarbon by alkali washing process, and the sulfur content was obviously decreased, which meets the standard requirements.


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